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Why You Shouldn’t Choose a Fighter Attorney for Family Law Cases?

When choosing family law firms in Sydney, the first thought that comes to most clients’ minds is to find an attorney who is a good ‘fighter’. You should instead look for attorneys who have excellent case-building skills, are composed, and have good communication skills. Fighter-lawyers are good at making the other party feel harassed and intimidated, and they increase the غير مجاز مي باشدt of litigation. So what is it that makes an attorney good for handling divorce and other family law cases?

Excellent Skills

Look for domestic legal offices within Sydney with attorneys who have excellent case-building skills. Every case’s outcome depends on how the case is built by the lawyer and what things they want to highlight. They create multiple backup plans for different scenarios. They focus on settling asset allocation through negotiations and mediation.

Speaking the Truth

When it comes to cases of divorce, there are many harsh realities that you will have to face. When you choose good familial law agencies around Sydney, don't expect every news to be good news. They are not going to tell lies to impress you. Some of the harsh realities you will have to face include:

  • Your home may have to be sold for division of assets
  • Parents will have to spend less time with their children
  • There can be an impact on the standard of living
  • Children’s education may get adversely affected

The right attorney is going to warn your about many more consequences that come with a divorce proceeding. They create a true picture of the scenario so that you don't have any unrealistic expectations.


It may sound better to have a fighter attorney on your side, but in family law matters it is best to look for someone who is calm and composed. Look for experienced and accomplished family legal agencies nearby Sydney who is calm and composed even when things are going difficult for your case. A good professional is going to maintain their composure even when faced with surprise disclosures. You should also expect your attorney to be professional when they represent you in a court of law.

Professional Courtesy

Another trait that makes a good lawyer is professional courtesy. They are courteous towards not just to you, but also towards the opposing lawyer. This is important for proper and prompts sharing of information. If you are looking for a fighter lawyer, you can expect increasing amount of non-cooperation from the other side. The result can be delayed proceedings and the case getting extended. This further result in increase in legal fees – not to forget the bitterness it is going to install, which can have an impact on both you and your child/children’s lives. 

Look for family act offices in Sydney that have attorneys who emphasise the importance of open communication with their clients. This is important because you want a lawyer who should effectively communicate your needs and concerns during the court proceedings. This means that the lawyer should have all the information about your case and how you are affected emotionally. And proper communication is the only way that they can learn this through. So when it comes to choosing family lawyers Sydney, look for a composed attorney than a fighter.


Fighter attorneys are good in many other fields of law, but not in family law matters. You should look for family act organization close-to Sydney with lawyers who are composed and are focused on resolving issues amicably.


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